5 Unified Communications Solutions

Unified Communications service is a platform that converges all types of media and messaging into a single integrated medium. In simpler terms, Unified Communications uses all sorts of instant messaging, video conferencing, standard SMS service, IP calls, fax, voice mail, data transfers, social media, etc. 


It then brings all of them under a single platform able to receive and send all types of communication services available. These media and messaging platforms are interchangeable to the communication portal available. They can be converted to the receiver and sender at the present moment.



5 Present Unified Communications Solutions


1. Cisco is a part of a big communication solution which also manages network mobility, infrastructure, other third-party apps for communication, security, etc. It has currently integrated voice as well as data, video and mobility. The other features include unified messaging, web conferencing, calendar, and attendant console; all interspersed with Cisco Unified Communication solution. 


2. Asterisk has a different approach to Unified Communications Solution. It looks after consolidating its servers by strengthening their server uptime with additional fidelity. Its services have been kept flexible and all functions under the UC as enhanced to make sure there are lesser crashes and more mobility between extensions and platforms. 




3. As one of the key players in unified communications, ezTalks has made great achievements within its competitive market. The integrated video conferencing and calls have been remarkably upgraded to use lesser data for better media quality. With a better professional touch, ezTalks has brought in whiteboards and a system to schedule as well as manage and control important meetings. It has an embedded feature of record and plays and available as a multi-platform application, adding up to its huge success. 


4. Huawei is easily recognised as one of the oldest and most successful of the UC solutions sector. With a wide range of operations within and beyond the criteria of UC, it has a communications system that integrates all formats of current communication and utilities. Spread across 170 different countries and regions, the company has multi-platform applications to help solve various business problems with its simpler yet powerful unified solution.



5. Microsoft Lync is a multi-platform communications portal that has a unified communication solution. Due to its availability and easier yet premium use quality along with the recent integration of telephony system, Microsoft Lync has been repeatedly named as the Skype for Business. The key features are like any UC along with the integration of persistent chats, record and share, tabbed conversations, and a very helpful sync option across the multi-platforms.