Material safety

Material safety is one of the biggest concerns of producers and consumers on internet and online businesses, in particular multinational companies that sell and ship chemicals. Specialized Material Safety Data Sheets are documents that provide the adequate information for safe and secure handling. Besides information about the manufacturer, information is given about the materialistic, physical and chemical properties with regards to composition and mainly with regards to hazardous ingredients, safety related to the use and exposure of the product. Safety Data Sheets

The most common format being used currently is the OSHA format that complies with the OSHA´s communication standard. Any hazardous product must be supplied with it´s SMSD, and manufacturers are mandated to inform employers about the safety regulations, guidelines and precautions that need to be taken at the workplace.

Formats differ per region and/or country and products are labeled according to their level of risk.

Currently several glossaries exist among which and and which provide a library and resources for companies and workers to access safety and hazard information about the products they are working with. Such business and industry is a fast growing and an adapting industry, given the tremendous amount and variety of products and the demand is growing along with the increasing consumption of materials in technical and high-end companies. EHS Compliance

It´s important to emphasize the services that are provided along with the SMSD in terms of handling in case of hazard, and the trainings that are being offered, will ensure the safety of workers is protected and increased in case of incidents and accidents that expose workers to the danger of certain materials. EHS Services

Most importantly, the need of material safety is expressed in online businesses where products are ordered on distance and where information is necessary and has to be accessible on an international and continuous level. 

It is strictly necessary that the information available is regularly updated and controlled by governmental institutions that withhold the official information issued after proper research and approval. EHS Software